Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are designed to improve balance and aid those with light injuries or a debilitating condition by relieving tension on painful areas such as the hips, back and ankles. Doctors and physical therapists all agree that movement is an essential part of recovery and general health. The benefits of wholesale walking sticks are not just restricted to the elderly and infirm. Nordic walking poles are invaluable to hikers, particularly on challenging terrain, whilst walking stick seats make a handy companion.

A good walking stick is light and robust. A walking sticks supplier on productpilot.com will also carry more heavy duty walking sticks, such as quad canes and tripod canes, designed to provide even greater support. Walking sticks with ergonomic grips help relieve pain in the wrist and hands of arthritis sufferers. Hardwood and aluminium are the most popular materials used for wholesale walking sticks, whereas adjustable walking sticks are made of lightweight aluminium and come in a variety of finishes. Handles may be traditional in style or incorporate a contour grip or swan neck to transfer weight vertically. Height adjustable and folding wholesale walking sticks fitted with shock absorbing ferrules are both practical and place less strain on joints.

Derby and dress walking sticks from a walking sticks supplier add style and elegance, whilst simultaneously providing comfort and support. Hand carved and beautifully ornate brass or silver handles, combined with a rosewood or chestnut shaft, create long lasting and durable walking sticks that are ideal for both formal occasions and day to day use. Ladies walking sticks are equally as refined and utilise colour and patterns on the shaft for added effect.

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Cane completely covered with Cobra snake skin


Cannes Fayet, walking sticks

The last factory of sticks of France, possessing a know-how in the respect for the tradition...


Horn handle

Blond horn derby handle on snakewood shaft


Lion's head handle

Crook handle in silver plated or sterling silver

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