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Yarn is a length of fibre generally spun from cotton, wool, or a synthetic fiber such as polyester, and a yarn manufacturer may produce machine knit or machine woven items. Ribbon is a narrow band of textile that is woven from a variety of fibres, including cotton, silk, and polyester. The type of weave can produce a velvet, satin, or organza ribbon. The manufacture of cloth ribbons is done on a loom that can accommodate as many as 40 individual widths of ribbon. Wholesale yarn and wholesale ribbon are supplied to a number of industries as well as to arts and crafts supply retailers.

Fashion accessories made from wool yarn include items such as gloves, hats, shawls and scarves. Yarn can also be knotted rather than woven or knitted, and the result is macramé. Macramé can be fashioned into handbags, fringes for jackets, belts, and jewellery. A fine textured cotton yarn is used for lace or crocheted items, and can be used as a fashionable trim for women’s clothing or designer household items such as tablecloths and table napkins. Productpilot.com is a good way for wholesale ribbon and yarn suppliers and manufacturers to exchange information on the latest colours and styles.

Wholesale ribbon has long been sold to fashion accessory suppliers to be used much like lace on babies’ clothing and women’s lingerie and nightwear. Ribbon is used to decorate women’s and girls’ hair and clothing throughout the world. Ribbon is woven into braided hair, or used to tie the hair at the nape of the neck. Ribbons tied into bows are used extensively to adorn all types of women’s and girls’ clothing.

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The ARIADNA S.A. Thread Factory, located in Łódź, is one of the biggest thread...

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