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Floral & seasonal goods are a broad category of products of various types and uses. This group of goods may include the consumables with a short shelf life that are associated with the floral industry, such as decorative plants. Yet it also includes any equipment that is regularly required by the horticultural industry, or by a florist selling directly to customers. These items can include pieces of hardware for preparing bespoke goods, or display items such as plant pots and seasonal decorations. At the same time, other items within this category are purely functional products, which may be used as consumables for florists and retailers of gardening or flowers – such as flower pots, or floristry equipment. Certainly, floral and seasonal items often come with special symbolic importance, too.

The trade in floral and seasonal goods should be seen as a specialist industry. Whilst manufacturers and suppliers are faced with a unique set of logistical and operational challenges, ensuring they have a good network of contacts in related industries can significantly help. Factors such as the seasonal availability of certain products and the perishability of large portions of their stock means that businesses operating in this field must make allowances for these natural limitations. Using productpilot.com helps companies working in the floral industry build up a good body of reliable contacts for trade and supply challenges.

From window dressings to make an office environment more welcoming, to flower pots and tools for a florist's shop, the demand for floral goods is as diverse as the product range itself. Productpilot.com allows businesses within the industry to discover each other directly: connecting through the most important part of any trade: the product itself.

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We are in business in Asia for more than 25 years. We employ directly & indirectly...

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