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The term craft usually refers to handmade objects, and folk art is term used to describe the art of the everyday. Folk art originates from indigenous cultures all across the world with arts products from Africa, India, Asia, Europe and South America being especially popular. Handcrafted goods are highly valued by industrialised societies who attach special value to items made by individuals using traditional skills. Many folk art products go beyond their physical presence, as they embody cultural and social values.

From a purely arts perspective, folk-art's appeal rests in its simple, direct and often highly colourful mode of presentation. Items will often reflect and celebrate specific ethnic, tribal or religious aspects of a particular community or region. As the listings show, wholesale folk-art and craft pieces are mostly decorative and functional, and thus it is never appropriate to assess them according to fine-art values.

By the very nature of its products and diverse locations, wholesale trading in folk art and craft materials is reliant upon a strong network of international contacts, which can be sourced on A buyer of such crafts can find the right trader to optimise the logistical side of operations, while manufactures of folk art items can seek out the suppliers of raw materials to ensure an unhindered chain of production.

Human civilizations around the world have given us a wide variety of folk arts to appreciate. These include masks, South-American goods as well as Germany’s popular hand-carved cuckoo clocks. Those seeking folk art products will find corresponding contacts in the various dedicated sub-categories: African Goods, Asian Goods, Ore Mountain Folk Art, Indian Goods, Cuckoo Clocks, Ceramic Masks and South-American Goods.

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