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Often used as stylish additions to interior decor or a jewellery collection, African goods are often designed to replicate the traditional tribal art aesthetic in Africa. A wide range of African goods are available to traders, from musical instruments to jewellery and clothing. All African goods represent the craft and skill of traditional African artisans, making unusual designs that showcase the ethnic culture of Africa. Many of these goods are handmade, adding value through authenticity and uniqueness. African goods can be practical as well as decorative, often appealing to globetrotters and lovers of ethnic design.

Buyers of African goods wholesale will find various wholesale options at Suppliers of these goods have wide ranges, with decorative items like jewellery and ornaments being most popular. These items are popular for shops selling ethnic goods and unusual items. African handmade items are marketable as gifts which fall outside of the usual selection and have an ethical benefit. Wholesale African jewellery especially stands out due to using natural materials.

Decorative items are popular choices for those seeking African goods wholesale. Carved wooden animals and sculptures, made with care and skill are often popular among gift buyers. Other typical African decorations include palm sized soapstones, shaped and polished, with hand painted patterns. These can be marketed as little gifts or for decorating a home. Larger items with practical benefits, like handmade stools and woven baskets, have clear applications for buyers, ideal for customers who don’t want purely decorative items but do want their goods to have ethnic style.

African craft and decorative items sell alongside other ethnic items like Asian goods and Indian goods. Handmade items make for great in-store presentations too, so African items might be well positioned with ceramic masks, cuckoo clocks and other artisan products.

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AfriCraft provides beautiful handmade products made of recycled and natural material...


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interArt-style life with myths, was founded 2007 by Petra and Friedrich Schäfer...

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