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Asian goods are products created by workers in any Asian country, from India to Thailand. These goods cover a wide range of items, often decorative, from instruments to jewellery. A great deal of Asian items are handmade and are prized for their craftsmanship. They often represent elements of Asian culture, such as statuettes of Indian culture figures, which have ethnic value to many other cultures.

These goods make great gifts, especially popular among those who enjoy travelling and eastern design. Buyers of wholesale Asian goods will often find a market for them during gifting seasons and as items of special interest. Wholesale Asian goods are a common choice for shops of ethnic goods that offer alternatives to standard gift items and wholesale suppliers of the same can be found on

Wooden statues are a typical example of Asian goods. These are often hand carved in Nepal, India or Bali and depict fantastic creatures like dragons or angels. Showcasing traditional art, these items make great display pieces. Asian jewellery is also highly prized, especially among buyers of esoteric items, as they often take the form of pendants depicting the zodiac or good luck symbols. These wholesale Asian goods are steady stock items that have appeal to lovers of all things exotic and mystical.

Asian goods also extend to practical items, but still have the ethnic decorative qualities that make them eye-catching. Musical instruments like singing bowls, bells and drums are often sought by fans of eastern sounds and they also have educational value. These items are well marketed alongside other ethnic and folk curiosities, perhaps as a shop display to provide something different to the usual goods. They are well accompanied by Indian goods, African goods and South American goods.

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