Cuckoo Clocks

Being as much a timepiece as it is a mechanical marvel, the cuckoo clock is most famously associated with the Black Forest region of Germany. It was here that the clock evolved, becoming a popular export item by the mid-19th century, though modern day manufacturers can be found on

There are two types of movements for mechanical clocks, one day and eight day. These not only determine how often the clock must be wound, but also how many weights the mechanism needs. An extra weight is also required for the clock to play music. A further consideration when ordering traditional cuckoo clocks wholesale is style. There are two styles, the chalet and the carved. Quality is determined by the craftsmanship and attention to details. Chalet style cuckoo clocks usually depict an Alpine-style house, with beautifully carved moving figures of dancers, farmers and animals. Carved cuckoo clocks often have a nature or hunting theme and feature exquisitely carved figures of birds of prey and deer set amongst foliage.

Buyers of cuckoo clocks wholesale can find manufacturers and suppliers of both mechanical and quartz movement clocks on Quartz movement has the advantage of requiring little maintenance. The weights are purely decorative, whilst the sound is produced electronically and can be regulated. Traditional chalet and carved models also come with quartz movements, although purists may prefer the famous cuckoo call to be produced mechanically. Designer cuckoo clocks are either entirely modern in style or incorporate traditional features in innovative ways. Using both mechanical and quartz movements, the creative possibilities are endless. Children haven’t been excluded from the unique joys of the cuckoo clock, with both traditional and brightly coloured modern styles available.

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