Ore Mountain Folk Art

The nutcrackers, smokers, candle arches, music boxes, carved animals and figures of Ore Mountain folk art are famous the world over. When it comes to traditional toy making, the town of Seiffen and its immediate neighbours represent a tradition of craftsmanship rich in heritage. The origins of Erzgebirge folk art are centuries old. The first toy makers were famously miners, who initially supplemented their incomes with carved wooden goods, turning fully to woodworking as mining resources dwindled. The surrounding forests that previously provided lumber for the mines now provided the raw material for this new creative industry, whilst their unique lathe turning skills resulted in the distinctive style of figure known today. Indeed, for many, it is an enchanting light house, glowing pyramid, ornamental angel or seasonal rabbit on display which epitomise seasonal decorative items. Suppliers of these and replica mountain folk art can be sourced through productpilot.com.

The roots of some family businesses producing Ore Mountain folk art stretch back over generations. The irreverent humour that led the original craftsmen to use nutcrackers and smoking men to caricature public figures is still very much alive in the figures created today. Whilst modern machining techniques have been introduced, the artisanal finishing and attention to detail remains unchanged. German products are synonymous with quality and the Erzgebirge folk art on productpilot.com is no exception. In stark contrast to other festive decorations that are immediately thrown away once the festivities are over, these beautifully crafted decorative products have been built to last. Available in a wide variety of sizes, Ore Mountain folk art products make ideal gifts that will provide enjoyment and inspiration for years to come.

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