South-American Goods

South-American goods from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Uruguay and Suriname draw on creative traditions whose origins go back thousands of years. Thanks to the indigenous populations and vibrant cultures of this vast continent, South-American goods from suppliers on are as beautiful and diverse as the landscape itself. Folk art and crafts include jewellery making, pottery, textile crafts, metalwork, sculptures and figures, musical instruments, baskets and wickerwork, glass work, woodwork, leatherworks, masks and paper making. From workshops in bustling urban areas to remote mountain village communities, artisans and craft workers utilise traditional production techniques along with a bold and distinctive colour palette to create their art. The influence of pre-Colombian and Spanish colonial art is a significant factor in the history of creative South-American goods. Many crafts are specific to a certain region, such as coastal, forest or mountain, and the availability of raw materials often determines the craft found in a particular area.

Choosing South-American art and craft products has many advantages for both retailers and consumers. Fair trade practices help support and protect communities whose livelihoods depend upon exporting their work. Ethical trading has become synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and environmentally friendly production. It is a decisive consideration for an ever-growing number of shoppers, particularly those looking for handicrafts. E-commerce offers retailers an opportunity to present consumers with an enticing and engrossing visual history of how and where the product they are considering purchasing was made, with many product suppliers available via Exciting young South American designers have embraced recycled materials to create contemporary art and craft products which, despite their modernity, are an acknowledgement and continuation of their rich cultural heritage.

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