Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are a type of soft toy made from a furry textile material and are usually filled with wool stuffing, though synthetic fillings can also be found. These toys are also known as cuddly toys, teddy bears and soft toys. Resembling popular animals such as bears, giraffes and tigers, their purpose is to provide comfort, companionship and entertainment, whether as a children's toy or a romantic gift on Valentine's Day.

The types of companies that stock stuffed animals include Toy Stores and Gift Stores, while some businesses purchase stuffed animals in wholesale to give as gifts to clients or customers. These products are also useful as decorative items to put on display for themed occasions. No matter the reason, the business-to-business platform showcases a variety of manufacturers offering many quality products such as these in wholesale year-round.

Ordering cuddly toys in wholesale from a manufacturer has its benefits, both in terms of logistics and costs. Significantly, buyers don't have to go through a retailer with this method of purchase, thus avoiding mark up costs. Also, wholesalers of toys can themselves reach a wide audience on, creating new business possibilities with their stuffed animal products.

The Stuffed Animal categories at can be found in two sections: Entertainment & IT (which has the sub-category Teddy Bears) and Habitation & Living. Company decision makers can browse through a plethora of manufacturers listed in this category, offering many quality products. Elsewhere, categories such as the Toys section showcase a similar choice of novel and entertaining products to browse through and connect with the manufacturers that make them, building strong business relationships in the process that can lead to new ventures in the future.

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75630 - Laber-Frosch, Chatter frog, all parrots, including batteries, 18x18,5x12cm

The little Chatter frog delighted young and old with the usual witty Chatter function...


IKO - Import Klaus Otte GmbH

IKO-import is a family company established from smallest beginnings, which was founded...


75631 - Laber-Papagei, Chatter parrot, all parrots, including batteries, 12x11x17,5cm

The little Chatter parrot delighted young and old with the usual witty Chatter function...


Winfried Kögler GmbH

Our company was founded in 1981 by Winfried Kögler. The Winfried Kögler GmbH is an international...

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