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Teddy bears are popular children's toys, and are especially enjoyed and appreciated by toddlers, children and adults the world over. The first teddy bear ever to enter the toy marketplace was created by a factory in Germany in the early 1900s. This basic teddy bear was originally designed by a mother who had visited a zoo and thought a stuffed bear would make a nice children's toy. The symbolic bear is synonymous with strength, and is human-like as it stands on its own feet and, of course, it’s renowned for its cuddling appeal. This first teddy bear was hand-stitched, with buttons for eyes, a softened flat nose to make the bear look less threatening, and stuffed with wood shavings; all features which ensured it has become one of the most loved stuffed toys ever.

Wholesale teddy bears modified by today's teddy bears manufacturer can come in all shapes and sizes, with suppliers to be found on productpilot.com. Cuddly bears are often made of durable materials that have fire-resistant properties and other safety features, as well as being machine-washable – these products tend to meet with a lot of wear and tear. A Teddy bears manufacturer should ensure their products comply with safety legislation pertaining to children's toys.

Stuffed animals make favourite toys, bringing an appeal that can last a lifetime and create happy childhood memories. Retailers may also consider investing in teddy bear accessories; extra features such as backpacks, hats and scarves, glasses and teddy bear clothes are highly desirable items. Certainly some antique teddy bears, pertaining to box office hit movies or dating back to early 19th century, can command enormous profits at auction or form part of a valuable collection. Productpilot.com can be used to source wholesale teddy bears suppliers.

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