Toys come in a range of shapes and sizes and appeal to various age groups, from babies and children to adults. This vast reaching appeal is why there are so many different products available. The toy industry is predominantly aimed at children, with each manufacturer working to produce the next big craze and get it into the shops. This can include board games, dolls, craft sets and electronic gadgets. As children can quickly out grow these products, there is a quick turnover for stockists, meaning is a useful site for traders looking to secure contact with manufacturers in the toy industry.

The Baby toys sector is popular and ever growing. New borns and toddlers alike will often be given toys from parents and relatives, and often with no specific occasion. This means that stuffed animals, playing blocks and colourful wooden toys are always in high demand in the toy world, though can be adapted for seasonal appeal, for example for birthdays. Standard toys can easily be bought on a wholesale basis and customised by traders at a later date.

Adults are not to be forgotten in the toy market, and they are rarely forgotten by manufacturers either. There are a range of board games aimed at adults, and collectable dolls, stuffed animals and other dolls may also appeal to grown-ups. As this is the section of the consumer market with their own money to spend, these toy buying adults are an important target group for businesses working in this industry.

A supplier may try and focus on just one of these groups, or they may want to please all three. Either way, can help the supplier find new product manufacturers, and the wholesale companies who stock them, in a few clicks.

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