One of the oldest types of toy that have been produced for children, dolls are now highly developed and often offer all sorts of interactive play. Wholesale dolls are usually supplied to end consumers via the retail sector, through online portals and manufacturers at, as well as from traditional stores. A typical dolls wholesaler will stock products which are designed for both boys and girls and which cover many age ranges, too, from toddlers right through to teenagers. This is because dolls, also referred to the industry as action figures, are not just for imaginative play, but also connect with smart devices and other technology, too. For example, some wholesale dolls have chips installed in them which mean they 'come to life' or interact within other game environments, especially virtual ones.

A common design that a dolls wholesaler will stock is the basic human form, allowing children to play along with a toy that represents many of their daily interactions. Typically, such dolls will look like stylised babies and have eyes that close when they are laid down. Indeed, some will even cry and need to be soothed. Wholesale dolls which are design for older children tend to depict adults, often characters from TV shows and films, which can be fully articulated and posed. Commonly used to recreate scenes from movies or for children to invent their own narratives, these toys are among the most popular made by the toy-making industry. Principally aimed at older girls, fashion dolls allow children to experiment with clothing and hair designs. These are highly collectible and for many a dealer dolls of this sort can be worth investing in since they accrue in value, over time.

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