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Educational toys are produced primarily for the home, kindergarten and primary school. Unlike dolls, teddy bears and stuffed animals, educational toys must not only provide fun, but also aid in the development of a child’s emotional, creative and physical skills. As with all toys, an educational toys manufacturer must create products that are safe in small hands. When selecting educational toys wholesale, attention should be given not just to quality, but also to the requirements of the specific age group. For toddlers, it is important that they develop motor, cognitive and social skills whilst having fun, both at home and in a group. Look for an educational toys supplier or educational toys manufacturer offering a colourful range of plastic, paper and wooden toys for this age group that are durable, simple to assemble and easy to clean on

As children grow and their physical skills develop, it is important that educational toys continue to provide sufficient challenges that encourage learning and are cognitively engaging. Once they have mastered elementary skills, young children require more sophisticated toys in order for their imagination and intellect to blossom. An educational toys supplier should offer products that engage the child’s natural curiosity through building, creating and discovering. Kids love to mimic adults and appreciate educational toys that resemble objects used by their parents in the kitchen and garden. DIY sets for older children allow them to discover the marvels of technology, whilst toys with a nature theme will inspire an appreciation of the environment. Choosing educational toys wholesale that are motivating and innovative will ensure a bright future for all.

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