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Completing the world of children's toys, play animals remain an ever popular choice in a child's collection. Play animals can be made from a variety of different materials and come in various shapes and sizes, depending upon the target age group. Suppliers of toy animals and other objects for play can be sourced at the website.

Play animals can serve an educational purpose, as well as entertainment. As toy animals are often made to look as lifelike as possible, children can learn about the look and shape of different animal groups, as well as about young and mature animals. Retailers may stock sets of animals, grouping them together according to their breed or living environment, for example. Packs of jungle animals with the more exotic creatures, such as tigers and monkeys, or farm animals with sheep and cows, for example, are often popular with children. Such sets of animals may even be sold with the appropriate play environment, too. Inviting creativity, play animals as figurines give children the freedom of thought to create fantasy games, offering an alternative to battery-operated or electronic games.

Realistic animal toys may be plastic-moulded into a set shape, though they may also come with moveable limbs. Toy horses, for instance, may come with accessories such as bridles and saddles, allowing children to recreate a stable environment. Animals for play may be manufactured as soft toys, too, with furry animals being especially popular. Using faux fur, toy manufacturers can create a life-like feel to animal toys, which children often find comforting.

Ever popular, manufacturers and retailers will find that animal toys make suitable gift items. When marketed as part of an animal set or family, play animals have enduring appeal among collectors of all ages, too. For manufacturers and suppliers of toy animals and their accessories, offers retailers the business resource to ensure stock demands are met.

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