Gift Wrapping

As a part of the stationery business, the gift wrapping industry has branched out in many directions over the years to encompass much more than just wrapping paper itself. Although wholesale stockists of gift wrapping still buy more paper wrapping than other products, a manufacturer of gift-wrap will be just as likely to produce card tags, ribbons and other gift adornments as anything else. This fast moving sector is always developing new ways of wrapping up presents, especially for the seasonal markets, such as Easter and Christmas. helps all members of this sector find the appropriate manufacturer, buyer or logistics partner in order for the business to operate smoothly.

New designs of wrapping paper are always being brought onto the market. A leading manufacturer of gift-wrap will often design products that will appeal to children and tie in their designs with the latest kids' movie franchises, where appropriate, in order to maximise sales. For adults, seasonal gift-wrap tends to focus on other times of the year, such as Saint Valentine's Day. Any buyer of wrappings and packaging for gifts can get in touch with manufacturers of a multitude of products at This portal makes it easy to get to know the product developers in a business to business environment, even specifying what sort of gift-wrap designs they require. Indeed, a wholesaler of gift wrapping can find new customers by using the same platform.

Often designers give new wrapping products some specialist or unique treatments, such as with hand-made wrapping paper. The contacts for all sorts of seasonal decorations, along with ribbons & tags and gift boxes, can be sourced, ensuring that manufacturers and wholesalers are operating at their full potential. Certain suppliers make only limited runs of their wrapping products which means it possible to make gifts really stand out, even before they are opened, making them ideal for promotional giveaways or for use by retailers who offer an in-store wrapping service.

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