Bows are decorative items, often added in the packaging process to enhance the aesthetic appearance of gifts or box sets. Wholesale bows, like other gift wrapping products, tend to be manufactured in large numbers and sold on to retailers for a year round market which is boosted at certain times of year when demand for wrapping increases. In common with gift boxes, trimmings, ribbons and tags, bows are used to decorate presents and add a bit of sparkle, certainly when compared to gifts which are paper wrapped only. The wholesale bows market has two principle products on offer – bows which are made from shiny ribbon, which is derived from plastics, and fabric. Where shiny ribbons are great for accompanying glittery paper and other foil wrapping products, fabric bows are more traditional in appearance and tend to be used when a more subtle gift wrapping look is called for.

Whichever material is used, manufacturers tend to make their bows in much the same way. Starting with an initial loop, the material is then worked back and forth into a series of inter-locking loops which create the bow. Different makers use their own styles, with some bows making circles and others forming star shapes. However, once the bow has been machine formed, in this way, it is then commonly held in place by a staple which prevents unravelling. The staple is usually obscured from view by the bow itself, whilst on the underside a section of double-sided sticky material is added so it cannot be seen. When a gift wrapper uses the product, the covering of the sticky material is removed and all that is needed is to place the bow in the desired location. All manner of product innovations with wholesale bows can be discovered by registering with

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