Egg Cups

Wholesale egg cups are kitchenware products specifically created for use in the home or breakfast dining establishments. These utensils are used for hard- or soft-boiled eggs, and keep the shelled egg separate from the rest of the meal. Wholesale egg cups come in many designs and shapes, and often come complete with other accessories for added convenience. The simplicity of the standard eggcup’s design make it ideal for customisation, and it is not uncommon for some models to come complete with attached spoons, dishes, plates and even knitted designer-ware to cover the egg. Suppliers of eggcup accessories can be found at

Wholesale egg cups are made from many different types of materials like ceramic, plastic and metal. Novelty and contemporary egg cups can incorporate detailed designs and patterns, some of which may take the shape of a figurine or cartoon caricature. Egg cups can be sold as single items but are also retailed in matching, decorative sets. Novelty accessories that accompany egg cups include moulds and cutting apparatus for shaping bread soldiers. Eco-friendly versions of the modernized egg cup are made from natural cork. Hand-made and hand-painted egg cups come in a variety of styles and the more expensive types made of porcelain and other precious clays, can be used as decorative items.

While egg cups are staple household items and primarily used as eating utensils, they have been adapted for home décor purposes and are often displayed on shelves and in kitchen cabinets. Egg cup manufacturers and suppliers have a unique opportunity to share their latest designs and ideas with relevant buyers through which benefits business relationships for all concerned.

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