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Outdoor equipment and clothing is designed to protect the wearer from extreme weather conditions and temperatures, as well as providing comfort and convenience. Whether purchasers’ plans involve hiking, camping, orienteering, fishing or mountain biking, proper equipment is important - and sells well. Tents are a basic outdoor trader product line, for backpacking enthusiasts or as a base for a family adventure – offering shelter from the wind or protection from the sun, while having fun in the fresh air and enjoying the good weather. Productpilot.com offers a comprehensive list of contacts in the Outdoor & Sports industry.

Trekking gear and GPS positioning systems are other popular wholesale lines, as well as sleeping bags featuring the latest designs and material technology. Various choices of styles and shape are available, with insulation ratings for two, three or four seasons and synthetic filling for top insulation performance including if wet. Some rucksacks have ergonomic suspension systems for maximum comfort and freedom of movement, which is an especially important consideration for any wise sport trader.

Good footwear is important for outdoor and sports activities. Other top-selling sport and outdoor wholesale products include fitness equipment, scooters, walking poles, winter sports equipment, sports bags and wear including tops, shorts or pants, wristbands and headbands. An outdoor trader will usually want to select rugged gear that will last, while a sport trader will look for lightness, performance and style. Traders in both will have an eye for safety.

The dedicated sub-categories, namely Equipment & Accessories, Clothing and Camping Gear, help buyers and other businesses in the industry around the world to locate the required contact details to meet their unique requirements and establish business partnerships.

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