Camping Gear

Wholesale camping gear includes the essential and extra equipment used when spending a night or more outdoors. Varying in performance characteristics and specifications, basic kit includes tents and sleeping bags, insulating foam sleeping mats and small portable gas or solid fuel cooking stoves. Matches or a lighter, basic first aid kit and insect repellent are also necessary. Hill walkers and mountaineering enthusiasts typically use as little camping gear as possible, whereas recreational campers often prefer more ample inventory including chair or bench and table seating. Some even use portable generators to enjoy the convenience of an electricity supply. For wholesale camping gear distributors and equipment manufacturers, is ideal for displaying product lines globally to reach new customers, twenty-four hours a day.

Depending on the type of camping activity planned and available free space - whether backpacking or on a family holiday, for example - the equipment list may extend considerably. Many retailers consider camp beds, inflatable pillows, picnic sets and barbecue equipment, which is popular with family groups, to be important stock lines when purchasing from wholesale camping gear suppliers.

Sleeping bags are key for a warm night’s sleep. The design shape, materials and insulation performance selected will depend on anticipated use and the temperature in the planned destination. Good footwear is especially important when outdoors. Other wholesale camping equipment product lines include walking poles, winter jackets and waterproofs, thermal tops and pants, cooking equipment and headgear. GPS navigation systems may be required, as well as a rucksack; some feature specially designed ergonomic suspension systems for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. A camping equipment supplier will need to consider customer questions such as durability, performance and weight.

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