Ornamental figurines designed for household decorative purposes are products manufactured by private and commercial artists and associated companies. Figurines come in many shapes and sizes and can be sold as a single item or in attractive matching sets. Quality wholesale figurines created for the home can add style and sophistication to any bedroom, bathroom or living space and are available from suppliers and manufacturers at Figures wholesale are available for any room or target audience; for example statuettes of popular television shows are ideal decorative items for children’s bedrooms or nurseries.

Modern statuettes and wholesale figures are often moulded to specification and can be mass produced for consumer marketplaces. Some figurines are hand-made from speciality textiles and clays, such as fine bone china and porcelain, giving them an expensive competitive edge and value. Commissioned pieces specifically created by brand-named designer artists or specialist craft makers and sculptors may even be highly sought-after items amongst collectors, owing to the difference in production technique from wholesale figures.

Depending upon the technique used to create them and the materials implemented in their production, the value of any figurines may vary. Glass-blown figurines, or prototypes made from crystals, precious gems and metals are highly desirable items. As figurines often take on the shape and personality of renowned caricatures from folklore and festive tales, many of these special sculptors are finished off with superior hand-painted facial features and intricate detailing to garments to add further authenticity. These unique one-off hand-carved figures and sets are sold in high-end retail décor stores and departments. These decorative statuettes can be made to order and are considered pieces of exceptional artistic flare. Made from the best quality wood, glass and stone components, these hand-made luxury designer ornaments complement any residential or commercial setting.

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