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The enduring popularity of crafts products is partly because craftwork appeals as an absorbing and fulfilling pastime which encourages the development of traditional handicraft skills, and partly also because hand-made items make such highly valued gifts. This is especially so when a craft object can also be customised so that it becomes an object uniquely personal to the end receiver. This is possible, for example when an item of clothing or fabric is embroidered with a previously chosen custom pattern, or where a mug or pottery item is decorated with a name and/or with a personal photo image. The existence of such value-added craft services creates an extra layer of interest to the activity for all crafters and hobbyists.

Publishing Houses serving the gifts and crafts industries produce a range of specialist publications. Their product range includes regular magazines covering art and craft topics, books covering drawing skills, art features, and in-depth coverage of many craft skills and associated projects. As with any niche industry, locating the right business associates is an important factor to a company's growth, sustainability and image.

Some publications target a general audience, while others specifically approach professionals in the gifts and crafts industry, while others cater to hobbyists and enthusiasts. While there is a general demographic – housewives – publishers may want to consider approaching a wider audience. Whatever direction a business may want to go in, a professional publishing house will be able to meet the requirements in terms of layout, design and colour choice, for example.

The online portal can assist both suppliers and providers wishing to expand their business by helping them to complete reciprocal trading arrangements with partner businesses.

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