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Art services come in many different forms, with an important part of the sector being publishing, where craft books and specialised literature explains how to undertake processes such as cleaning and handling works of art. As such, much of the art services industry is devoted to those who are maintaining their own finished works of art themselves, with simple cleaning products and materials which remove grime without damaging the paintings or sculpture in question. Typical art services which are devoted to maintenance also involve solvent cleaners, but these tend to be applied by professional restorers, rather than owners of artworks.

Along with maintenance products, art service companies available on supply many of the needs of working artists, both professional and amateur. With many crossovers into the hobby and craft markets, art services suppliers often provide items that include products such as easels, mannequins, brushes and so on. Such products are sold by specialist retailers, who also provide services. In terms of art, these could involve services to frame finished works of art, or provide restorative works; something that is commonly required for antique pieces. The industry also covers professional storage services. Many older works of art which are not on display need to be stored in climate-controlled conditions or to be held in a secure place where the risk of theft is diminished. In addition, handling and moving of large artworks, especially sculpture, is a specialised service provided by art companies. These services tend to be called upon when a work of art needs to be moved to a new location, perhaps for a gallery display, or because it is being sold at auction. All of these services, and more, can be found at

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