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Books play an important role in the development of the mind. Especially when it comes to children’s literacy, early interaction with books and literature helps young minds develop basic literacy skills as well as a passion for the written word. Thick cardboard pages, large print and lot of illustrations, help children formulate words, begin to use a language, and communicate with others. Books in any foreign language, for example, are also helpful for adults in the acquisition of new language skills.

Books play a large part in education, school text books for every type of lesson, books and magazines on every conceivable hobby, technical craft books, books on specialist subjects, and books on non-fiction and fiction for relaxation. From those early days of learning an alphabet, putting letters together to form words, and the words into sentences, the inquisitive mind craves further stimulation from the written word. Suppliers of a variety of books for a number of needs and purposes are ready to be found at

While there are a number of different digital reading aids, a printed book carries significant appeal as a gift item. Just as exercise helps stimulate the body, reading of any kind provides mental stimulation and keeps the brain active. Specialised literature such as craft books, books on history, photography, and a myriad other specialised subjects helps continue the educational process. While digital reading aids have had a bearing on reducing the sale of printed books, they have also helped create an increase in the number of independent specialist book shops. Visiting some of these shops will find whole sections devoted to craft books, crafts which are not just applicable to the US or Europe, but across the continents.

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Established in 1983, we've been publishing innovative, design-led greetings cards...

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