Pipes are devices for burning tobacco or other substances so that the user can breathe in the smoke. Smoking pipes are comprised of a bowl and shank, which refer to the rounded chamber where the tobacco is burned and the actual pipe stem through which the smoke is drawn. The pipe stem is usually long and thin, with a mouthpiece at the end for comfort. Pipes are a traditional item which is used to varying degrees around the world, but remains a valuable collector’s item and decorative gift.

Buyers of wholesale pipes will find a pipes manufacturer at productpilot.com with a range of pipes on offer, from traditional to modern, for both collectors and regular smokers. Pipes are made with considerable care and attention to detail, to perfect both the aesthetic design and the practical requirements.

Pipes come in different varieties, which may be important for a trader in wholesale pipes to understand in order to properly cater to their buyers. A pipes provider may offer briar, meerschaum, plastic or more. Briar pipes are fashioned of briar wood, which is notably fire resistant and so these represent the broad majority of modern pipes. Meerschaum is a mineral which lends itself well to delicate carving. Pipes with ornate carvings, such as bowls turned into faces, are highly prized as both novelty and collector’s items. Plastic or synthetic pipes are a popular modernised version of the traditional pipe. Hookah pipes are common in the Middle East and increasingly so elsewhere, often used communally. Sellers of wholesale pipes may also consider stocking other smoking paraphernalia, from pipe accessories to matches and lighters, all easily marketed to the same people who purchase pipes and available from suppliers at productpilot.com.

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