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Liberated from conventional production constraints, the trend giftware market provides designers, artisans, craftsmen and inventive companies from all over the globe the unique opportunity to create innovative and exciting products. These products represent a refreshing and original alternative to the familiar and mass-produced gifts and are available from select suppliers on Trend giftware embraces originality, quality and a healthy dose of eccentricity. It is different, and proudly so.

These gift ideas often take materials such as paper, wood, metal and concrete out of their comfort zone and put them to use in new and ingenious ways. By replacing a traditional material with an unorthodox one, the product takes on a bold new lease of life. Many designers play with objects and themes closely associated with their nationality or passions, such as cycling and contemporary design, whilst others prefer to mine a rich tradition for handmade crafts. Gadgets, novelty and lifestyle gifts are always extremely popular, and many even utilise recycled items in their creation.

As an individual gift to a friend, loved one or colleague, trend giftware conveys the impression that time and consideration have been taken in selecting the item. This thoughtfulness will be appreciated and linger longer in the mind of the recipient. Such a positive impression can have significant advantages when giftware is received in a business or promotional context. Fresh and unconventional corporate and business gifts will become a talking point, whereas conventional choices will soon be forgotten. The diversity of new and established talent in the marketplace ensures this dynamic industry is constantly evolving, with suppliers of exciting trend giftware available via the online-portal

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