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Awarding prizes is material way of recognizing an outstanding achievement. Arguably, the most prestigious award is the Nobel Prize founded by the philanthropist Alfred Nobel in 1895, and consists of a gold medal, diploma, generous financial award, and global acclaim. The derivation of the word trophy - wealth acquired through the act of war - points to the psychological underpinning of the act of awarding and receiving prizes. Awards and trophies are predicated on the idea that people will naturally compete and can be motivated by public recognition, which is why most prizes are in the field of sports. Trophies and awards are valued by the recipient because they are a permanent record of their merit. Consider, for example, the pride with which a glass case containing sports prizes is prominently displayed in the lobby of most schools.

Although the better known prizes are made of precious metals, it is not the prize itself that is valued, but the achievement that it proclaims. Perhaps the most coveted is the perpetual trophy, which is kept by the recipient only until the next tournament when they must compete again to keep the trophy. The perpetual award comes with an established following of witnesses and the heightened recognition of belonging to an elite league. An example of the perpetual trophy is FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Given that the need for recognition is embedded in the human psyche, there is no end to the business the trophies manufacturer can expect from the wholesale supplier awards. The industry of wholesale trophies is guaranteed a constant demand from companies wanting to motivate employees and municipalities celebrating children’s sports teams. A wholesale trophies dealer and trophies manufacturer benefit from partnership in order to capitalize on supply and demand. provides a convenient way for wholesale trophies and supplier awards to locate and assess potential partners.

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