Magnetic Signs

Wholesale magnetic signs provide an elegant solution to temporary signage, especially on vehicles. Unlike regular signs or vinyl stickers, magnetic signs can be applied and removed to any magnetic surface with ease. Large companies can buy magnetic signs wholesale if, for example, they needed to fit signs to a large fleet of company vehicles. Magnetic signs leave no markings or residue, and cause no damage to surface on which they are applied.

Magnetic signs consist of a thin magnetic sheet bonded to a printable surface that will bear the design of the sign itself. The finished product is usually flexible, allowing it to be used on a number of magnetic surfaces, not just perfectly flat ones. The signs can be a basic shape, such as a rectangle or a circle, or they can be cut to shape. Magnetic signs can not be transparent due to the magnetic layering. Any sign that is not cut perfectly to the shape of the design will have a visibly a solid background. Wholesale magnetic signs tend to be made in basic shapes in order to simplify the manufacturing process, however they can work around the lack of transparency by having the background of the sign be the same colour as the surface on which it is to be applied to.

Magnetic signs can be used on any magnetic surface, but they really come into their own with vehicle signage. Having a vehicle signed with vinyl stickers is costly, semi–permanent, and can even cause damage to the paintwork if removed incorrectly. Magnetic signs not only do not damage the vehicle but they can also be taken off quickly and easily at any time. This means a company's name can be removed from a vehicle at a moment's notice. Traders interested in this market can use to stay up to date with all the latest developments regarding wholesale magnetic signs.

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