Wholesale cards come in many guises and cover a multitude of greetings. The practice of sending cards has developed and thrived over many decades, though the general purpose has remained the same; cards are sent to convey well-wishes, exciting news and specifically for any number of celebratory occasions – to name just a few examples. A cards manufacturer caters for all standard occasions and events, making the wholesale cards industry a profitable and long-lasting business enterprise. A typical cards manufacturer produces a wide range of stationery gift cards specifically designed to mark special dates; birthdays, anniversaries, wedding days. Wholesale cards also cover unusual occurrences like death, birth, celebratory news, thank you gestures and congratulation wishes. Dealer cards, sold through retail outlets, maintain a steady flow of business within the stationery supplies marketplace.

Greeting card manufacturers enjoy a thriving industry through domestic and commercial sales, and the variety and range of gift cards has extended to cover all eventualities. Cards often complement or replace the practice of gift-giving and as such, they are particularly popular at religious holidays and festivities. Certainly, the festive season is renowned for being a period where traditional cards and celebration-specific wishes are sent. Use to find card manufacturers for any number of festive celebrations.

Popular with crafters and children alike, home-made gift card kits are also gaining momentum in this very competitive marketplace. Such gift card sets are ideally suited to creating a very personal message, which can specifically address the recipient. Stationery suppliers provide themed cards in box sets, which are in high demand in commercial enterprises. Even for companies and businesses, sending greetings cards is an important endeavour. Companies who value their customers find greeting cards an excellent way to convey loyalty and validation to existing clientèle.

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