Bathroom Clothing & Bathroom Textiles

Bathroom clothing and bathroom textiles are available in a variety of different fabrics for a variety of different purposes. From thin dressing gowns, housecoats or bathrobes for the summer to thick quilted bathrobes for the winter, bathroom clothing can be considered essential to the bathing experience. Commonly made of cotton or a cotton and polyester mix, these robes are soft, warm, and capable of absorbing large amounts of water. Not designed just for adults, bathroom clothing is also manufactured specifically for infants and children. As such, these items need to be particularly soft on young skin.

Headbands and waterproof caps can be considered bathroom clothing and are often used by those wishing to keep their hair dry while in shower or bath. Bathroom textiles, on the other hand, cover face-clothes, hand and bath towels, bath mats, shower curtains, waterproof bathroom floor mats, bathroom curtains and even cushions for those who truly seek a soft homely feel to the bathroom.

While the variety of bath clothing may be limited, the range certainly isn’t. Dressing gowns, bathrobes, or housecoats can be his and hers, matched to bedroom accessories, or paired with bathroom textiles. These items come in any range of colours or designs, though pastel and neutral colours are often popular choices. For a number of public institutions or organisations, such as local authorities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and guest houses, having bath clothing and textiles with the company logo woven into the fabric is important. Finding these items from a wholesale supplier can be done using the B2B supplier portal. Wholesale supplies of bathroom textiles for businesses are often useful, as these items have to be washed frequently.

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