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Rugs are pieces of fabric that protect and enhance a floor surface. For example, a rug can be laid down to make a floor softer on bare feet, or to for decoration and aesthetic appeal. Rugs are used in a lot of homes and are usually made from a thick or durable fabric like wool, or a synthetic equivalent. Often used in bathrooms in dense or waterproof forms, bath mats are often distributed in cut-to-purpose form. These are designed to sit at the base of a bath, sink or toilet, to make the floor warmer and less slippery.

Bathroom furnishings are a popular trading commodity, as they form an essential part of the bathroom decor. A new bathroom needs a new mat, plus they can wear out due to daily use, or be changed to suit a new colour scheme. Traders can find wholesale rugs and wholesale bath mats with a rugs manufacturer at

There is a broad variety of mat sizes, colours and designs that can appeal to different homes. Many shops will sell a mixture for this reason, so a trader of wholesale rugs will likely want a mixture of stock. Most bath mats are absorbent to manage water overflow from baths and showers. They can also have plastic undersides which grip the floor, preventing the mat from slipping.

Wholesale rugs for the bathroom can come in several colours, depending on the colour scheme of the room. Mats are often chosen specifically for their colour, though a soft material is a strong secondary consideration as a mat has to be walked on barefoot. Buyers of wholesale bath mats might also consider other bathroom accessories like towels, which represent cross-selling opportunities, especially in the case of matching sets available from suppliers at

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