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Nail care products are used to care for and maintain the health of fingernails and toenails. These products come in varieties that are designed for both the professional nail technician working in a spa or beauty salon, as well as for individuals at home. Those looking to source nail care items can use the site to find suitable suppliers. Items for manicures and pedicures also cater to aesthetic demands. Not only does the nail care manufacturer create endless varieties of nail polish colours and applied nail art, but also adapts to seasonal changes in fashion.

The basic nail care kit contains nail clippers, cuticle care products, nail files, and nail and hand creams. Metal nail clippers are used in the primary trimming and shaping of the nail. Cuticle oils and creams come in a jar, or pen format for easy transportation, and are applied to maintain the elasticity of the cuticle skin and to prevent hangnails and other tears in the skin.

Nail files are used to render the final shape of the nail and to give a solid and smooth edge that will inhibit snagging and breaking. Other preventive maintenance aids carried by the nail care manufacturer are various creams or liquid paint-on products that strengthen the nails and prevent peeling, splitting, and cracking. Nail care wholesale suppliers carry a range of nail files manufactured from emery, glass, crystal, or corundum coated metal. Additionally, the wide variety of everyday-use hand and nail creams available cater for all skin types. These keep hands and feet soft and the nails smooth.

Acrylic artificial nails have been an industry standard for years. A more recent innovation available to the nail care supplier is artificial nail sets made of gel. Acrylic nails are stronger, longer lasting, and more easily repaired, but gel nails have a more natural appearance. Another artificial nail product is the nail silk, which needs to be applied by a professional and used to allow a cracked nail to grow out. Nail silks are not designed to last for long, but are useful for a special social event.

Nail care wholesale products come in varieties that are suitable for home use or for the professional nail technician. To keep up with the newest products, buyers and traders can access

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