Oral Hygiene & Dental Care

The oral hygiene & dental care industry relies upon a broad set of products and services that centre around the maintenance of oral health and the treatment oral problems. Though "oral" refers to any matter related to the mouth, "oral hygiene" is typically associated with teeth and gums as most forms of oral care—and, indeed, most oral problems are focused on that part of the mouth. Dental care itself can cover both the products that are sold in order to ensure a person can look after their own teeth, or the services a dental care provider can offer. Those in the dental care industry can secure wholesale supplies from the providers at productpilot.com.

There are many products that fall into this particular corner of the market, from consumables such as tooth paste, and mouth wash, to non–consumables, such as tooth brushes, and braces. Some of the most widely used oral products do not require a dental care provider to be involved, though some, such as crowns, will require a dentist to fit them. The dental care industry also encompasses a number of cosmetic and vanity products, such as teeth whitening solutions. Most dental care providers will offer a range of elective procedures purely for appearance sake. There are also a number of specialist services that can be provided by a dental care provider, such as dental jewellery, though these do not fall under the heading of dental hygiene.

The industry around oral and dental hygiene is one that is constantly striving to improve its products. Productpilot.com can help buyers and sellers in the oral and dental hygiene industry ensure they have secure contact to essential product suppliers.

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PTFE dental floss

PTFE dental floss 1. Made from 100% ePTFE 2. Excellent wear resistance and no shredding...


Shandong Senrong New Materials Co., Ltd.

Shandong Senrong New Materials CO.LTD. Established in 2006, lies in the Dongyue...

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