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Designer health and beauty products are used for personal care and cleaning or to enhance the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. Merchandise includes make up and male grooming products as well as perfumes and colognes; basic commodities such as soap do not usually form part of this category, whereas premium cleansing bars, exfoliate pastes and skin toners do.

This strong retail sector is dominated by a number of larger cosmetics manufacturers, although distribution and wholesale is widespread. Many products have been lent their name by sports personalities, singers and fashion houses as some consumers are prepared to seek out and pay for premium labels and brand names. With the advertisement of these products appearing on television, in magazines of all kinds and even as product placements in movies, it is clear why demand is expected to rise.

Coconut oil or aloe vera are natural moisturiser ingredients, in addition to synthetic agents to reduce wrinkles and, according to advertising, provide a 'lifting' effect. Other popular beauty lines are lipsticks, concealers, bronzer, mascara, high liner, facial masks and false eyelashes. Premium sunscreen creams also sell well, due to concerns about ultraviolet exposure. Owing to the nature of these items, consumer demand is always present, as the awareness of personal hygiene is rising steadily. With growing markets comes a growing middle class, thus increasing the number of end consumers of health and beauty designer products found around the world.

A complete range of designer health and beauty wholesale distributors is available on The potent supplier database is ideal for buyers and sellers to find new contacts quickly. Product lines on offer by the various contacts vary from body scrubs to bath salts and exfoliants to premium eye creams.

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