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Hygiene items are drugstore products specifically designed for personal grooming and hygiene purposes. This category covers a wide range of toiletries for men and women alike. Basic hygiene items include soaps, shower gels, bath foam, shampoos and conditioners, toothpaste, deodorants and other skincare essentials. The personal grooming industry profits greatly from an ever-increasing demand for greater consumer choice and quality in everyday traditional hygiene items. Hygiene items also cover a vast array of antibacterial products such as creams, insect-repellent sprays, sun blocks and lip balms. Buyers searching for original and unique hygiene products about to enter the consumer marketplace can locate manufacturers and suppliers through productpilot.com.

Due to increased population and subsequent germ-related illnesses, hygiene products are in more demand than ever before. Many of these toiletries have natural antiseptic qualities in their composition and are designed not only to aid in personal grooming, but to stave off infectious diseases. Other hygiene products such as shaving supplies, facial and body cleansing clothes and sponges, feminine hygiene products and toilet roll are functional and essential household items, required for ongoing, day to day usage. Medicated products that serve many functions; maintaining hygiene standards, providing protection from the harsher elements and that bring additional comfort and cleanliness to everyday ablutions, are popular consumer products.

Chemists, pharmacies and beauty salons and stockists who sell drugstore products (gel warmer, hot pads, infant care or pregnancy and parenting products etc.) contribute to the personal grooming industry. Toiletries, skincare and cosmetic products pertaining to personal hygiene are popular and favoured gifting items as well as serving their primary functions. Designer and luxury lines are also in demand, and purchasing these items in bulk or on a wholesale basis is often a wise business decision.

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