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Fashion & Appearance products are essential items for retailers around the world. Despite the fact fashion and appearance items have relevance in many industries, it’s the clothing and design sectors which concentrate mainly on these items. Products considered as fashion and appearance items can vary, though the term generally refers to items such as clothing, jewellery and accessories. Retailers in this sector will need access to clothing wholesalers, jewelry providers and make up distributors, as these are all products that are key to the fashion and beauty industries. Though jewelry and make up have been traditionally marketed towards women, clothing and accessories such as bags, shoes and winter items, including hats and gloves, are aimed at men, women and children.

To ensure the right appearance is created in store and online, retailers should also consider sourcing items such as mannequins. Displaying items effectively is an important part of fashion retail and it helps to make items more appealing to the customer. For this reason, mannequin suppliers and other display retailers – such as which can be found using - offer various options for lots of different products, including children's clothing, adult textiles and jewelry.

Purchasing the right products is an essential for retailers and manufacturers alike. Textiles can be used for lots of products, not just clothing. Apparel fabrics are great for items such as scarves but can also be used in the manufacture of home decor products such as curtains, cushions or bedding. Indeed, the consumer demand for fashionable products to improve the appearance of the home is an expanding market.

Manufacturers and wholesalers need access to reliable suppliers and good quality supplies. can help supply and demand meet by allowing retailers to find new products and wholesalers across a range of industries.

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