Mannequins are large dolls used for presenting clothes, jewellery and other accessories. Usually built to a lifelike scale, mannequins can be adjusted into various poses or come as static models, allowing clothes to be seen as they would on a person, rather than flat on a hanger. Mannequins, also known as dummies, come in various shapes and sizes and can also be used for educational purposes, as well as for tailoring and for shop fittings. Buyers seeking wholesale mannequins can find a mannequins manufacturer at with various options for dressing a shop.

A typical mannequins supplier will offer more than just standing model options. Many mannequins are posed to be seated or reflect the posture of someone walking or talking. Some are comprised of detachable segments, enabling the window dresser to pose the hands, head and arms as they see fit. Some classic mannequins - called dress forms - only represent the torso, while some only represent one hand, the head or upper chest. These specific mannequins can put a spotlight on items like jewellery and save a lot of space, being small enough to sit on a counter top.

The first mannequins were inspired by dress forms, which were torso dummies that dress makers used to create clothing. A mannequins manufacturer can improve on this with full body mannequins, which allow shops to display a complete outfit, with tops, trousers, hats and more on the same model. Full sized mannequins vary in realism, with some having no facial features and others being surprisingly lifelike. Retail shops can find a good investment opportunity in wholesale mannequins, as these items have a relatively high turnover due to damage and daily wear and tear.

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