Fragrances are pleasant smells which people use for themselves and their surroundings to create a certain image or atmosphere. Some fragrances are designed simply to emit a pleasant aroma, whereas others are designed specifically to combat odours, such as tobacco or animal smells in the home. Fragrances are popular amongst consumers for everyday and occasional use, being in constant, steady demand.

Fragrances come in varied forms; there’s cosmetic for men and women, smells designed for the home, such as air fresheners, candles, oils, and sprays, then there are fragrances for use inside vehicles. Making ideal gift items, too, fragrances can be adapted to meet seasonal demand as well as personal, more private events. Scented candles, for example, are a popular choice for seasonal events. Certainly, fragrances can also form part of a decorative item with stylish candle holders or fragrance burners available to create a specific ambience.

Fragrant products can be bought and sold in supermarkets, discounted stores, health and beauty shops, specific retailers - perfume or automotive, for instance - gift shops, and door-to-door selling via leaflets and catalogues. The popularity and potential of this market is great, making these items good choice for buying and selling on a wholesale basis. Wholesale sellers and manufacturers of perfumes and fragrances can be found on

Marketing fragrances is one industry sector which has much potential. Given the steady demand for these products, they can also be easily adapted to create gift items or be customised for certain occasions. When wholesale products are bought, wise traders will ensure they have a good supply of packaging material in order to adapt their item for their specific target audience. offers the opportunity to network across industries, meaning traders can also locate packaging suppliers, too.

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