Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils can be used in a number of ways to fill a room or living space with a pleasant odour, or to eliminate unwanted smells, too. Fragrant oils have a wide and diverse number of uses, from the medicinal to the feel good factor, and are especially sought after when they are 100% concentrated. They can be used in an oil burner, which heats the oil using a tea-light candle, or the fragrance may be dispersed using an air freshener pump or directly from the open bottle of oil.

As part of the perfume industry, wholesale fragrance oils enjoy a sizeable portion of the perfume and fragrance industry and are available from suppliers at The use of concentrated oils goes back many centuries and covers many cultures and traditions. They were primarily used to enhance the senses. In today's marketplace, a fragrance oils wholesaler manufactures these goods for hoteliers, beauty clinics, drug stores and perfumeries. Fragrant oils can be used as natural alternatives to more powerful perfume potions that contain elements of chemical compounds.

Those involved in the alternative medicine business use oils to treat a variety of ailments. Specific oils have soothing properties and can be used to treat burns or troubling skin conditions, with lemon, tea-tree and lavender oils being of note here. Other oils in this category are used as air fresheners when utilised in an oil-burner. Primarily, wholesale fragrance oils with their uplifting aromas are used to enhance and encourage a sense of well-being.

Fragrant oils also have softening or moisturising qualities, and are frequently used for bathing purposes. The use of oils on other household items like linen and clothing is common. Retail perfume stores and buyers who are interested in the latest scents available in fragrant oil products, and fragrance oils wholesaler contacts, can find manufacturer and supplier information on

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