Perfume is a fragrant substance, typically used to give a pleasant scent to a person or place. Perfumes are made from a wide range of natural and synthetic oils and other compounds. Though they have varied uses, perfume for personal scent has been used since the ancient world and is now used daily by men and women.

Wholesale perfume can be obtained in various forms and brands from a perfume trader at The right perfume manufacturer can be an excellent business partner because perfumes enjoy a premium price and have an ever growing market. A perfume provider will often stock several varieties of perfumes, covering different price ranges, though brand and scent loyalty are often significant factors in a perfume’s success.

A perfume provider will use several terms to classify the strengths of perfumes. This is because many perfume ingredients would be overpoweringly strong without dilution. Parfum, for example, is approximately 20% source compounds while Eau de Toilette is roughly at 10% dilution. These differences affect the appeal and price range of perfumes, which is important to a perfume supplier.

Other factors that affect wholesale perfume trading are brands and bottles. The most popular perfumes with the highest price tags are themed on a celebrity or exclusive brand name, which makes the perfume desirable as a status symbol. This is good news for a perfume trader because such sought after perfumes are more easily sold, despite the high price. A perfume manufacturer will package these products in ornate bottles to make them instantly recognisable and reinforce the brand. Bottles are then produced in differing volumes to appeal to various price bands. Perfumes naturally sell alongside accessories like perfume flacons, perfume sprays and fragrance oils, with suppliers being available on

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