Hair Care

Hair care is the process of maintaining human hair in a healthy condition by tending to the hair’s health and appearance. Hair care covers a broad range of activities and products that are intended to improve the look, style and quality of hair. Some methods can be used at home with the right products and appliances, while others must be bought as a service from a hair salon. Buyers of wholesale hair care products can find a hair care manufacturer at, with options to suit their business needs.

There are many forms of hair care, which can depend a lot on the type of hair a person has. There is also a broad range of services, products and appliances related to hair care. The basic activities involved with professional hair care are washing and cutting. Washing is usually aided with shampoo, a product designed to provide volume, shine and nutrition to the hair. Some shampoos are specifically designed for and marketed towards certain hair types or problems, with anti-dandruff shampoos being a prime example. Hair cutting is usually done at a salon or barbershop because of the relative difficulty of cutting one’s own hair. A hair care manufacturer will produce lines of electric clippers, hairdryers and professional scissors among other products used in hair cutting.

Another common hair care treatment is hair colouring, which involves changing the colour of hair with a dye. Wholesale hair care products can include a range of home colouring kits, which are popular for budget buyers who don’t want to pay full salon prices for the service. Hair care is a market with several potential offshoots, such as hair styling, hair dye and professional hairdresser equipment.

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