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Hair removal has been practiced throughout history for religious, socio-cultural, or medical reasons. Wholesale hair removal products come in a vast array of razors, creams, waxes, pharmaceuticals, and electrical equipment. Wholesale hair removal products supplied from providers at can be classified into two basic groups: depilatories that remove the hair above skin level, and epilators that remove the hair both above and below skin level.

Wholesale hair removal products are sold to retailers who use or sell personal care items, such as beauty salons and spas. The items carried by a hair removal supplier for the temporary removal of hair include razors and shaving cream or gel, and creams. Cream depilatories cause hair to fall out by attacking the protein structure of the hair. Strip waxing supplies consist of a soft wax that is heated and spread in a thin layer over the skin. A cloth or strip of paper is pressed to the wax. As the wax cools and hardens, it sticks to the hair and the skin. The strip is then removed quickly against the direction of the hair. Strip-less wax is a harder wax that is applied in a thicker layer and is suitable for more sensitive skin.

For permanent hair reduction or removal, the hair removal supplier provides more technically advanced devices such as electrolysis, intense pulsed light, and lasers. Electrolysis applies direct current to destroy the hair follicle and is effective for all hair colours. Laser hair removal technology is a more recent system that works on the principle of selectively applying heat to the dark-coloured melanin in the hair shaft. Because the laser targets dark colours, the technique is more effective with darker and thicker hair. Hand-held intense pulsed light devices use xenon flash lights that emit the full light spectrum with a mechanism to block short wavelengths. Intense pulsed lights are more effective for larger target areas. Although hair removal is an age-old practice, recent innovations make the process less painful, longer lasting, and more efficient. Hair removal traders can find the latest technologies at

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