Professional Hairdresser Equipment

Professional hairdresser equipment is any tool used in the course of hairdressing, designed especially for that purpose. Some equipment is powered, like hairdryers, while other items are manual tools like scissors. They tend to be of a higher grade and quality than their everyday counterparts, designed not only to work to professional standards but to be more durable. Professional hairdressing equipment is vital to a high quality salon or individual hairdresser and traders who cater to the hairdressing market will find suppliers at

There are many wholesale opportunities with professional hairdresser equipment because of the broad range of salons, barbershops and hairdressing professionals that depend on these items. One of the most iconic items of hairdressing equipment is the hairdryer. Hairdryers blow hot air over the user’s hair, drying it very quickly. The delicate electrical components used within can vary considerably in power and standards, as with any household appliance. Professional hairdryers must be powerful, quick and above all, dependable. They must adhere to industry safety standards and also may incorporate special technology or accessories, which enable the hairdresser to work with more styles.

A salon can have a vast array of other gadgets, from larger hair drying units to other hand held devices like straighteners, electric razors and curling tongs. Less high-tech equipment includes sharp, professional grade scissors and razors, along with brushes. Hair care products like hairsprays and shampoos are also an essential part of hairdressing, which in turn require larger fittings, like sinks and chairs. Altogether, a professional hairdresser is in constant need of several items. A wholesaler at may consider also stocking mirrors, shop furniture and shop decorations to supply the full package to salon clients.

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