Shop Furniture

Shop furniture is a term which is used to refer to the articles of furniture tailored specifically to accommodate the retail outlets specific needs. Creating an attractive and welcoming ambience is essential to retail success. As independent shops, retail chains and department stores vie for attention in a competitive and crowded market, the right style of furniture can be the deciding factor in drawing a customer to that particular store.

Products must be presented in ways that enhance their appeal. Cabinets and displays are ideal for valuable and fragile items, for example, and shelving, tables and counters provide ease of access for customers, offering them an opportunity to compare sizes, brands and quality before making a decision. As e-commerce tempts more customers away from the high street, physical contact with the product becomes of ever greater value.

The ability of shop furniture to adapt and maximise space is also of great importance. Stackable and expandable units that are light and mobile are an advantage for retailers whose stock is constantly changing. Whilst polished wood cabinets, industrial style furniture or bespoke shelving may suit a luxury goods shop or cutting-edge boutique, such furniture is impractical for other establishments, particularly those with a high volume business.

Shop furniture from the suppliers on comes in a variety of materials, including metal, glass, wood, acrylic, fibre glass and recycled materials, such as cardboard. Laminated surfaces and high impact edging means greater durability and ease of maintenance. Surfaces that are sensitive to dirt and damage require more cleaning and repair. They may even have to be replaced after a relatively short time. Chairs and seating are an essential requirement for many shops. Modular seating and benches are often the most practical solution, as they can be configured to create a focal point in the shop.

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