First Aid

First aid is the provision of emergency assistance to an ill or injured person. First aid usually continues until the ill or injured person is restored to a satisfactory state of health or until full medical treatment is available.

Employers are obliged, by law, to provide adequate first aid cover – in terms of equipment, facilities and personnel – for their employees. Each employer must conduct a risk assessment of their workplace, taking into account all the factors that could influence first aid provision. Using, it’s possible to locate qualified service providers for any level of first-aid support as well as a first aid supplier of goods.

Workplaces where employees are exposed to low levels of danger should have a first aid kit and a first aid coordinator, who is the first point of contact for health and safety issues. The first aid coordinator may not be a trained first aid provider, but is responsible for alerting the emergency services, if necessary, in the event of illness or injury. First aid wholesale suppliers provide first aid kits and medicine suitable for home, office and commercial applications.

Workplaces where employees are exposed to higher levels of danger should also consider the need for a trained first aid provider. In either case, employers must inform their employees of their first aid supplier and first aid arrangements in the workplace. First aid training is available from a wide range of providers, including voluntary aid societies in most countries, as well as those that offer regulated qualifications and those that operate under voluntary accredited schemes. However, any first aid provider must demonstrate that they are competent and quality assured.

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