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Natural applications include medicinal home remedies and cures, based on plants, herbs or alternative medicine. They treat minor complaints in tandem with (or even as a possible replacement for) commonly used over-the-counter medicines and are available from the suppliers at

Advocates of natural applications and cures consider that around one hundred common ailments and illnesses which are not life threatening can be treated naturally, sometimes with home remedies. Natural remedies comprise herbs, spices, fruit or vegetable ingredients and most are, therefore, pure in content and simple to prepare – with no pharmaceutical secondary effects on the body. Such treatments are quoted for ailments such as acne, the common cold, coughs, stress and high blood pressure. In addition, they fortify immunity, help post-operative recovery and are usually inexpensive.

Plant-based food products such as seeds or nuts contain phytosterols, which are thought to reduce the absorption of cholesterol and are, therefore, a good part of the diet or supplement. Other food-based remedies to lower the cholesterol count include oatmeal, apples and pears, kidney beans and tofu.

Honey is praised by many practitioners for its reported medicinal properties; it has antioxidant ingredients as well as an antiseptic action. It has been used in trials to manage chronic wounds, due to its gently acidic and antibacterial properties. It is effective as a cough treatment and may also help with acid reflux digestive problems and in alleviating seasonal allergies.

Professional medical advice is advisable if substituting natural applications or alternatives for prescription medicines. For natural applications practitioner or supplies, is the right place to search. Service providers of natural remedies and alternative medicine can also highlight their services or products professionally.

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