Wellness refers to a harmonic feeling of mental, physical and spiritual well-being, that when successfully achieved results in a better quality of life. A wellness provider may utilise natural holistic systems from countries such as India, China and Japan, whose origins date back thousands of years. Ayurvedic treatments and feng shui are two examples of ancient practices still very popular today. Wellness is a broad term encompassing any number of products from a wellness trader on productpilot.com that are considered beneficial to well-being. Wholesale wellness products range from meditation cushions and singing bowls to essential oils and wellness textiles infused with organic herbs.

All aspects of wellness are interrelated. If one’s physical or emotional well-being is somehow disturbed, it can have a negative effect on both a social and occupational level. More and more employers are recognising the importance of wellness in the workplace. A wellness provider offers realistic and long-lasting solutions for a better work environment, resulting in happier and healthier employees who perform better and are less likely to call in sick. Customers and employees alike in a retail establishment can benefit from an improved atmosphere created by a wellness provider.

Wholesale wellness products on productpilot.com can also be applied in the home. Candles, crystals and jewellery make popular gift items. Wellness textiles, such as bedding and towels, use natural dyes and eco-friendly production processes beneficial to the skin and the natural environment. For many, the opportunity to visit a spa or massage therapist for a health and beauty treatment may only present itself when on holiday. Wellness products allow such treatments to be performed easily at home and on a regular basis.

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