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Publishing houses are a great point of contact for those who specialise in providing a service to a whole range of different enterprises. Whether public or private, commercial, industrial, or retail, one or more of the many trade or consumer magazines will bring up new contacts never before considered.

The health and beauty industry is enormous, and stretches across a wide area of lifestyle preferences. From the everyday healthy eating products, and beautifying aids one finds in shops, supermarkets, chemists, health food shops, perfumeries, and fashion houses; to gyms, fitness centres, and spa retreats. No matter where one provides services within this industry, someone somewhere is looking for a new fragrance, improved packaging, or greater exposure. Whatever services a company provides to the health and beauty industry, they can be matched to the hundreds of weekly magazines, or monthly journals. Printed by the big publishing houses, whether as a trade journal or consumer magazine, they range from general healthy-living and fitness issues, to specialist magazines on medical conditions, sport, spa getaways, fashion, home beautifying treatments, healthy diets and a plethora of others. All these niche magazines are eagerly sought after by interested consumers, and attract great interest from those supplying the industry.

Those who provide a specialized niche service within this large industry can contact businesses found on to set up lasting partnerships. Health and beauty is a significant part of human culture and with awareness being raised more and more, especially regarding health, this industry is set to expand globally, requiring companies within the industry to seek out publishers in other languages in order to reach target audiences further afield.

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