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Dietary supplements manufacturer lines are popular with sports enthusiasts and health conscious customers to ensure an optimum intake of essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals, or amino acids and enzymes. The category also includes botanical and herbal supplements, which are used for their medicinal properties. In fact, many civilizations still value the beneficial effects of some natural plant and other extracts, used for their curative properties since ancient times.

Dietary supplements wholesale lines are available in a variety of forms including capsules or tablets, powdered drinks and sports bars. These dietary supplements wholesale are popular with those who may have nutritional or stress concerns, or do fitness training, though it's possible to source a dietary supplements supplier on It is wise to consult a doctor or pharmacists before taking dietary supplements, especially if they are to be used in conjunction with other medication. Not just limited to chemical supplements, the range of homeopathic cures and dietary supplements wholesale is vast, many of which have been used in traditional medicine for many years.

Staple dietary supplements supplier product lines include multivitamins or minerals. Glucosamine and Chondroitin benefit the joints and cartilages, probiotic supplements the intestinal system, while fish oils including Omega 3 are good for the heart. Echinacea and Vitamin C supplements are relied on by many to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold during winter months, while garlic has long been considered nature’s antibiotic.

Many adults take dietary supplements regularly. Although supplements provide extra nutrition, they are not a substitute for a normal balanced diet including roughage or fibre. Individuals who may benefit most from vitamin and mineral supplements are lactating women (extra calcium and iron), those with irregular eating habits, older people, vegetarians or vegans and dieters.

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