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Massage is the therapeutic use of pressure applied to the soft tissue of the body with the aim of releasing built up tension and promoting relaxation. Wholesale massage supplies used in the practice of massage therapy consist of types of furniture, oils, music, linens, and pain relief tools. Massage supplies wholesale target professional therapists, massage schools, students, and clinics, with suppliers for professional needs to be found on

Massage supplies wholesale furniture is designed to minimize strain on the therapist or bodyworker and maximize the comfort of the client. Stationary tables and lift tables are the workhorses of the massage industry and come in a variety of leather and plastic surfaces with storage space beneath. On-the-go practitioners use portable tables, stools, chairs, and desktop units for clients in wheelchairs, who are bedridden, or whose movement is restricted in some other way. Other portable equipment used in spas and clinics are body positioning systems that support the clavicle, ribs, pelvis, or sternum so that the client can recline in any position without pressuring the soft tissue.

Linen massage supplies wholesale for clinics and spas are 100% cotton sheets, waffle blankets, table warmers, and head cradle covers. The choice of creams, oils, and lotions depend on the length of the session and the type of treatment. For example, Ayurveda treatments include ingredients that are consistent with harmonizing water, fire, and ether elements, such as ginger and gotu kola. Wholesale massage supplies that create a serene mood are as important to the practitioner as the furniture and linens. Aromatherapy and music complete the restful atmosphere required for an effective massage. Aroma diffusers are decorative, hydrating, and can be programmed to create different lighting options. Wholesale massage supplies include music CDs pairing soothing melodies with the natural sounds of the surf and birds. is a good way for traders and buyers to locate the latest products.

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